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Youth Now is a place to share ideas, be inspired by activists, and to help promote a healthier planet. Youth Now is an organization that calls the youth to take action to help create a better world.

As the words of Jack Johnson go, "An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change."

WE call for this action, and we ask you to help us.



Our interns at an event to ban Fracking in New York City, outside Governo Cuomo’s office. 

Call or write Governor Andrew Cuomo today!

NYC #: 212-681-4580 
Albany: 518-474-8390 
Fax: 518-474-1513 

Don’t let your dreams be dreams.
— Jack Johnson

Youth Now is a place to share ideas, be inspired by guest activists on the A list, find links and info on organizations working on social issues, teleconferences on leadership and activist training, high school and college campus doc film screenings.
We are working to organize a global youth movement for sustainable and ethical ecological and economic action and policies with focus on moving away from fossil fuels to renewable energy and green job development. Connecting to create a movement loud enough and powerful enough to shift consciousness and affect political will; calling on youth to act now to transform the planet. Demanding that our leaders of every village, city, state and country adopt a long term view that will protect the public commons and ensure a safe, sustainable, livable future for this and future generations. Acknowledging the interdependence of humans, animals, and nature and honoring diversity, our vision is for unity, justice and a balanced view of ecology.

YouthNow, launched with regional NY/NJ and other youth kick ass ‘doers’, which is a youth activist, enviro, sustain, social justice platform connecting youth, their communities and an array of causes.
— Doug Cohen